NextGuru Website Review & Ratings + NextGuru Coupons
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NextGuru Website Review & Ratings + NextGuru Coupons

NextGuru: Products & Services

NextGuru is a website that helps to match tutors with those who are looking for tutors. They specialize in providing private tutors, music teachers and coaches within your geographic location. They have separate sections of their site for parents who are looking for a tutor and for tutors looking for work. The area in which people may look for a tutor include:

NextGuru differs from other sites that match tutors and families because all the money paid goes directly to the tutors, rather than them making a commission. They are also devoted to looking beyond geographical location when making a match and ensuring that there is chemistry.

NextGuru: Company Background

NextGuru have 23,606 in 31 different areas across the US. They relaunched their website in 2012, following a Beta trial in 2011, to take into account the increased demand for an efficient online platform to connect parents and students with instructors and tutors. They have designed their website based on the feedback of their members and their goal is to remove the barriers of finding a tutor so that time can be focused on the learning of the student. They make three promises to their customers and these are:

  • A broad selection of tutors and music teachers
  • Commitment to the best match
  • More for your money

Jenny Chang is their Chief Mom Officer.

There are three ways in which NextGuru can be contacted. The first is to complete the online contact form outlining the details of your enquiry. The second is in writing. The address provided is, PO Box 6191, San Mateo, CA 94403. Finally, customers can contact NextGuru by telephone. The number given is 650-458-7033.

NextGuru: Customer Feedback & Reviews

NextGuru do not post their own reviews and customer feedback on their website. However, there are many editorial reviews and customer feedback comments across the Internet. These show that the company is a trustworthy website and offers great value and an excellent service for parents. One editorial review, shown on, says the following about NextGuru: launched last year in Southern California to provide a free online platform for parents & students to connect with tutors & teachers. Their offering is unlike anything else in the industry. The website is a free, unbiased resource where all teachers can post their credentials and all parents/students can freely search, ask questions and choose a teacher in a safe, privacy-protected environment.”

NextGuru: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

NextGuru is accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has been given a rating of A- on a scale of A+ to F. This is based on the length of time that the business has been in operation, the information available for the company, the number of complaints that there are on file and how these complaints have been handled. According to BBB records, there have been no complaints within the last three years filed against NextGuru. This indicates that NextGuru is a credible and trustworthy business.

NextGuru: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

NextGuru has good website popularity, although do not have data available for them. Google page Rank have given NextGuru a page rank of 3 out of 10. have given them a global page rank of 238,695 and a US page rank of 43,798. They also say that there are 128 other sites linking in to NextGuru. The demographic information provided by says that a typical visitor to NextGuru is female, aged between 35 and 44, has no children, is educated to graduate level and browses this site form home.

NextGuru: Social Media Presence

NextGuru also make reasonable use of social media marketing sites to promote their businesses and connect to their customers. They currently use Facebook and Twitter. Their Facebook page has 497 likes and 11 people are talking about this page. NextGuru use their Facebook page to inform their customers about the services that they provide and to start online conversations about educational topics. On Twitter they have 93 followers and the page is updated on a regular basis.

NextGuru: Website Security & Safety

Although Google Safebrowsing Diagnostics have not visited NextGuru in the past 90 days, their report says that NextGuru is a safe and secure site to visit. They do not host malicious software or act as an intermediary for the infection of other sites. They also do not download or install malicious software without the consent or knowledge of the user. NextGuru also display three security certificates on their site. These are Goodaddy, Trustwave and This means that NextGuru is tested on a daily basis and that they use SSL encryption technology to ensure that any personal details provided by their customers are safe and secure.

NextGuru: Pricing & Packages

Tutors who advertize on NextGuru can do so for free. However, there is an optional membership fee that allows them to upload extra photographs, allows them to post a featured add and gives them unlimited access to job postings. There is also no charge made by NextGuru for lessons. All fees are directly paid to the tutors and no commission is taken. It is also completely free to search and choose a tutor.

NextGuru: Shipping Rates & Policies

As this is an online service, there are no physical products to ship. Therefore, NextGuru do not give any information about shipping rates and policies. This service is currently based in the US and is therefore only available to US residents and is currently unavailable internationally. Tutors simply upload their details onto this site and customers can register and select the most appropriate tutor for them based on a number of factors, including subject, geographical location and experience.

NextGuru: Payment Methods Accepted

NextGuru is a free site to use for both tutors and parents or students. Therefore, there are no payment options on this site. Customers can register an account and search for free. Similarly, tutors can upload their details and take on a free membership on the site. At a later date, tutors may upgrade their account and there is a fee for this. At this stage they can choose their preferred payment option but these are not outlined on the website without completing a registration process and a trial of the site.

NextGuru: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

NextGuru provide a service rather than selling a physical product. This means that there are no goods to return and no return policy outlined on the website. It is up to the customer to find the best tutor for them and NextGuru do not take any responsibility if this does not go well.

NextGuru: Product images & screenshots
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